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Your eyelids and lashes are like little soldiers that work to make sure your eyes and vision stay healthy. They are responsible for keeping your eyes protected, clean, and moisturized. Every time you blink, your eyelid is spreading different oils from your meibomian glands to clear out annoying materials that shouldn’t be in your eye.

Sometimes, these glands start over-producing oil. This buildup of bacteria and oil at the base of your eyelashes can cause your skin to become irritated and start flaking.
Blephadex Eyes Moisturizer

Aside from general discomfort, this condition known as blepharitis can cause your eyelashes to fall out, excessive tear production, dry eye, sties, and more. This disease is actually fairly common, with many people not even knowing they have it. What’s even more surprising is that the remedy for this annoying and painful eye condition is simply adding one, easy step to your daily routine.

Cleaning your eyelids and lashes with doctor-recommended products can help treat these symptoms related to blepharitis and dry eye.   
skin and eyelash irritation treatment

There’s What Crawling on My Eyelashes?

Most people go running for the hills when they hear they have Demodex mites crawling on their eyelashes. It’s understandable that these microorganisms seem a little bit scary, but rest assured they’re very common and usually harmless. Unfortunately, large quantities of Demodex can lead to serious skin and eyelash irritation.

If left untreated, excessive amounts of Demodex mites can cause blurry vision, rosacea, itchiness, infection, inflammation, and even acne. As you get older, your chances of having Demodex mites increases, meaning there’s no better time to start treating them at the source.

Oily skin, wearing a lot of makeup, and going to bed without thoroughly removing your makeup can raise your likelihood of hosting Demodex. If you’re about to ask what you can do to help, let us save you a step: regular hygiene products are not the answer.

The good news is that these eye conditions are extremely treatable thanks to products like Blephadex. Our patented blend of tea tree and coconut oils makes for an easy, at-home remedy that can give you instant relief, with the added benefit of being a soothing way to unwind!

All of our Blephadex products are formulated to thoroughly clean your face, eyelids, and lashes without burning. It’s recommended that you use Blephadex once a day, in the AM or PM, to get the best results.
Daily eyelid and eyelash care

Daily eyelid and eyelash care are just as important as brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t leave the house without cleaning your teeth, so make sure you’re taking care of your eyes too!

Sometimes it's just difficult to get to the store to buy replacement products that keep your eyes healthy. That's all changed now with a one-stop-shop for many of the products your eyecare provider recommends.

Here at eyesupply2u we will deliver to your door quickly and efficiently without the fuss!

Some products you will not be able to buy anywhere else online and with others, you can bundle and save on delivery. Check our DEALS section to get FREE freight and further savings.