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Foam, Wipe and Mask Combination Combination Therapy Kit for 2-months of treatment. Free Freight. Select Free Freight option on chec.. Product #: ComboWFC based on 0 reviews Regular price: $112.00 $112.00 4995

Foam, Wipe and Mask Combination

Foam, Wipe and Mask Combination

Product Code: ComboWFC
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Most treatment for Dry Eye Disease requires a combination approach to relieve symptoms and treat the cause.

By combining Blephadex foam and swipes on an alternative night strategy you can achieve the ultimate hygiene for your lids and surrounds. Then apply a warm compress helps stimulate glands that produce tears as the final step in your treatment.

By alternating your use of Wipes & Foam you can achieve 2 months worth of treatment from this deal.

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