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Combination Therapy Pack 1 Wipes, Heat Compress and Drops. Buy and receive FREE FREIGHT. Select Free Freight on checkout... Product #: CTP1 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $92.00 $92.00 5000

Combination Therapy Pack 1

Combination Therapy Pack 1

Product Code: CTP1
Availability: 5000
Weight: 300.00g
Dimensions: 300.00mm x 200.00mm x 200.00mm


Most Dry Eye Treatments involve a combination of approaches to maximise the benefits.

Our most popular combination involves Blephadex Natural Lid Wipes with Tea Tree Oil for tratment of Blepharitis and Demodex, A moist heat mask to gently open up the pores that supply tears and a Xailin Hydrate drop to refresh your eyes when tired or dry.


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