Blephadex Pro Eyelid Wipes

Brand: Lunovus
Product Code: 002M
Availability: 248
Weight: 130.00g
Dimensions: 100.00mm x 65.00mm x 80.00mm


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Blephadex Pro for home use comes in box of pre-moistened wipes. Both these clinically proven treatment options include a patented combination of Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil and a gentle lid cleanser.


    *Now with Manuka Honey
    Doctor Recommended Blephadex-eyelid-wipes
    Clinically Proven.
    Easy to use.
    Soothes and moisturises.
    Non irritating.
    Every other day use.
    Removes oil and debris.
    Can be used for makeup removal.
    Stimulates meibomian gland secretions.
    Made in USA.

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